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About Us: AQW 4 Planet

Post by Ckkyle on Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:15 am

About AQW 4 Planet

Yes yes, I know there's an official AQW Forum, but still. It doesn't have enough Guides!
I will make this forum the best full-filled AQW guideline by me and researching.
If you want to make new topics, I'll need to confirm you within your replies. You can only reply to my topics, that's it. If it's spam comments, Delete!

Anyways... you can call it kind of Fan-Made, but I'm the person willing to help anyone in any video game with every single cool tip and trick and yadi-yadi-yah. I gather info from the pro players, also i explore in the game too so i'm not some kind of thief you know. with all your help i can make this forum a reality. Except there is alot of stuff in this game.

Thanks for reading i guess and stay tuned for my next uh topics.

-CKKYLE pirat
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