[Guide] Every Single COOL-LOOKING Non-Mem/Buy With AC Costumes

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[Guide] Every Single COOL-LOOKING Non-Mem/Buy With AC Costumes

Post by Ckkyle on Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:57 pm

Every Cool-Looking Non-Mem/Buy with AC Costumes

"Costumes? What do you mean Costumes?" You know, those Weapons/Hats/Back/Body/Pet Stuff.
In this guide i will show you Every cool-looking Non-Mem Costumes.
First, i will split it up. Starting with Weapons, then Armor, then Hats and Back.
Lets Begin.


/join battleon

Talk to Joy the Cleric and click Shop, or click Daily Quests, then Use Reward Gems.
You will find a FREE AC WEAPON named Gilded Champion's Blade. (Shop)

Click for image of Gilded Champion's Blade (Warning:

Within the Reward Gems you can get a Cool-Looking weapon along with Armor.
This is the Realm Guardian Blade

You can also talk with Twilly about the "Recruit a Friend!" or "Power Gems" or Treasure Chest.

/join yulgar

You can get alot of cool-looking weapons in the yulgar, including armor and capes.
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