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AQWorlds Leveling Guide

Post by Ckkyle on Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:11 pm

The Level Cap is currently set at 65. Classes level up to Rank 10.It is very important to remember that you get 5% lower class points for every level you are above the monster which you are fighting.The reduction mechanism of the Class Points system has a very basic formula: 100% - (5% * Level difference).If you're level 40 and the monster is level 39, you'd get 95% class points, so 95. It keeps going down 5% for every level you are above the monster. This means that at 20 levels above the monster, you're losing 5% * 20, which is 100%. So the monster can be no more than 19 levels below yours to still get class points. There is no limit for monsters above your own level, so that's why some of the better places are the ones where the monsters are above your own level.

Basically doing the Story quests will help you level. When your level 1, try the tutorial as you will level somewhat in it.

1. SleuthHound Inn (/join sleuthhound)
Levels 1-15

This is a good area for New Players. The monsters in this area have quite low health and can be taken down easily. With other players helping your going to level up fast.

2. Dwarfhold Keep (/join dwarfhold)
Levels 10-20

This place has quite the great amount of EXP and gives REP too. Most of the monsters have low Health and are high level, so this is a great place to farm.

3. Hachiko Temple (/join hachiko)
Levels 10-20

Basic Analysis: Not only is this a place that lets you rack in Good EXP, it also lets you bring in a juicy amount of Reputation. The enemies here have low health and are high level, which means this place is farmable!

What you need to do: First, there are some pre-exquisites. You must have finished the Ferry Boat Quest, as well as beat Ryoku in the Tournament. After you do that, you are able to access Ai-No-Miko's Quests. Hachiko will be unlocked! The enemies here have low HP, and are all level 18. Simply Beat down any enemy here, and you are farming!

4. Arcangrove (/join arcangrove)
Levels 20-30

The monsters here have quite easy HP.  Having a class with AoEs such as Troll Spellsmith will be helpful. You can also get REP here too for the Shaman Class.

5. Chaos Gemralds (/join blindingsnow)
Levels 20-35

Basic Analysis: A great farming place for lower levels in a party, or solo if you're a higher level. The monsters have relatively low health and can be easily farmed.

What you need to do: To be able to access the Northlands Forest, you need to have completed the 'Chasing After A Girl' quest to be able to access the monsters. Travel to the screen with three Chaos Gemralds and farm here.

6. Undead Pirates (/join pirates)
Levels 35-40

Basic Analysis: The pirates area is a great place to gain EXP. Although they are still a tough fight all at once, it is still much easier than Time Space. Just make sure you're in at least a small party. AoE skills are great here.

What you need to do: Make your way to the platform with 3 Undead Pirates. Reaping the rewards is easy here as you don't need to do anything special to gain maximum EXP. You're going to want to kill the Undead Pirates repeatedly.

7. Forgotten Tombs (/join legioncrypt)
Levels 35-44

Basic Analysis: This map is a great place for Exp and Class Points and is better than the Pirates map and to some extent the Time Space map.The monsters being farmed here are the Legion Doomknight (Monster), the Gravedigger and the Legion Infantry (Monster).All these monsters are level 45, have only 2411 hp and deal a minuscule amount of damage.This is a good place to farm because these monsters have extremely low hp as compared to their level.

What you need to do: Join legioncrypt and make your way to screen 8, the reason being that it has 4 monsters and you won't have to waste time waiting for them to respawn or changing rooms.Then, just start killing those monsters.You will have absolutely no problem farming here all by yourself but if you are a low level you could get a small group to help you out.To access this area, you need to join it by typing /join legioncrypt in your chat box.You can access it through the World Map only if you have completed the Dark Fortress and the Seraph areas.

8. Vordred Battle (/join vordredbattle)
Levels 42-51

Basic Analysis: There are three Evil Warrior monsters here at Screen 4.They are at a high level and have very low hp making them extremely easy to farm.

What you need to do: Once you join Vordred Battle, head over to Screen 4 of the map.There you will the three Evil Warrior monsters.As you can see, they are all level 52 and have only 3,040 hp,which is one of the most disproportionate level-hp ratios in the game.This map allows only one player, so you will be farming solo.As they have low hp and are in the same room, the usage of classes having AoE (Area of effect.It refers to classes which have skills that can damage multiple and in some cases all monsters on the screen) skills is recommended.The Evil Warriors are all chaos tagged,so using the Chaorrupter Unlocked weapon is extremely helpful.You need to have completed the Dragon Battle map to access this area.Here, it is important to mention that Vordredbattle and Dragonbattle are effectively cut off from anyone who didn't unlock them before October 2014.

9. Ultra-Tibicenas (/join cleric)   LEGEND-ONLY
Levels 35+

Basic Analysis: With the quest from Cleric Dawn accepted, defeating this boss provides 10,000 EXP as well as 10,000 Gold. However, this method is only accessible for Legends.

What you need to do: First things first, travel to Cleric (/join cleric) and accept Cleric Dawn's quest 'Dys-Geni-c Chaorruption?'. In a group of 4+, travel to the Djinn Realm (/join djinn) and make your way to the normal Tibicenas, then select to fight the ultra version. Chaorrupter Unlocked is an essential weapon for this fight. With the correct strategies, this fight can be won.

10. Shadow Realm (/join shadowrealm)
Levels 45+

Basic Analysis: Essentially, this is a better version of Time Space for those who are Level 45+. The rewards are greater and are ideal for higher level player farming.

What you need to do: Head to the Shadow Realm, which only allows players level 45+ to enter. The room limit is only 4, but even a small party is essential for faster and repetitive farming. Follow a similar pattern to the Time Space method, killing all monsters as they spawn.

11. Dark Fortress (/join darkfortress)
Level 45+

Basic Analysis: This is another good area for player above level 45 to farm for exp and class points.Even,if you are at the level cap and just want to rank up a few of your classes to Rank 10, then this map serves your purposes too.It has a monster called the Shadow of Nulgath which is level 75, has only 3,477 hp and does damage between 141-163.This makes it the ideal monster to farm.

What To Do?: Join Dark Fortress and go over to Screen 4.There you will find a hole which goes downwards.Enter it and you will be in the Bonesaw Prison Cave room. All the monsters here are extremely easy to defeat.If you are a lower level, you might have some difficulties with the Dreadfiend and Shadow of Nulgath monsters. It is important to note that all the monsters here are aggressive after respawn.What this means is that,once you kill a monster,when monster respawns it will automatically start attacking you, even if you don't attack it.For this reason,it is recommended that you use a single target class without any Area of Effect (AoE) moves and a good heal to ensure that you do not die quickly and last longer.Higher level players can easily farm solo,whereas lower level players need a party to farm with (the room limit of this map is 6).If you are farming solo you will want focus on killing only the Shadow of Nulgath and Dreadfiend as those are the monsters in the map, which give you most amount of exp and class points.

12. Eagle's Reach (/join eaglesreach)
Levels 1-65

Basic Analysis: Please refer to the last part of the 'Gold Farming' section for all the details.

What you need to do: Please refer to the last part of the 'Gold Farming' section for all the details.

13. Nightmare Realm (/join nightmare)   LEGEND-ONLY
Levels 20+

This is like the BEST place to farm XP and Class Pts. Its Legend-Only. There's a Lv99 Monster named "Nothing" that's level 99, but only does 100 ish Damage and 4k Health.
Once you've beaten completed the area, you have to talk to Memet at the beginning of the map in order to replay any of the battles. (she will provide you with different buttons which take you to different battles). The one which takes you to the 'Nothing' monsters is entitled 'Loneliness'.

You should have completed Kyron's Quests to be able to join this map. Join Nightmare Realm and go over to Screen 14 to reach the 'Nothing' monster. You need to have completed the Fear of Inadequacy? quest to access this screen.You can solo these easy because the Nothing monster is extremely easy to defeat. If your super low level, Farm with a GROUP.

[u]Requirements to Level [/u]

1-2: 65 Exp
2-3: 120 Exp
3-4: 300 Exp
4-5: 600 Exp
5-6: 1,000 Exp
6-7: 1,500 Exp
7-8: 2,000 Exp
8-9: 2,550 Exp
9-10: 3,200 Exp
10-11: 3,850 Exp
11-12: 4,600 Exp
12-13: 5,450 Exp
13-14: 6,450 Exp
14-15: 7,700 Exp
15-16: 9,200 Exp
16-17: 12,900 Exp
17-18: 15,150 Exp
18-19: 17,650 Exp
19-20: 20,650 Exp
20-21: 24,150 Exp
21-22: 28,150 Exp
22-23: 32,650 Exp
23-24: 32,650 Exp
24-25: 37,650 Exp
25-26: 43,650 Exp
26-27: 51,650 Exp
27-28: 63,150 Exp
28-29: 79,650 Exp
29-30: 101,650 Exp
30-31: 131,150 Exp
31-32: 170,650 Exp
32-33: 223,150 Exp
33-34: 290,650 Exp
34-35: 312,500 Exp
35-36: 331,250 Exp
36-37: 350,000 Exp
37-38: 368,750 Exp
38-39: 387,500 Exp
39-40: 406,250 Exp
40-41: 425,000 Exp
41-42: 443,750 Exp
42-43: 462,500 Exp
43-44: 481,250 Exp
44-45: 500,000 Exp
45-46: 518,750 Exp
46-47: 537,500 Exp
47-48: 556,250 Exp
48-49: 575,000 Exp
49-50: 598,750 Exp
50-51: 633,760 Exp
51-52: 664,670 Exp
52-53: 710,130 Exp
53-54: 759,000 Exp
54-55: 785,000 Exp
55-56: 815,000 Exp
56-57: 840,000 Exp
57-58: 870,000 Exp
58-59: 910,000 Exp
59-60: 990,000 Exp
60-61: 1,200,000 Exp
61-62: 1,450,000 Exp
62-63: 1,600,000 Exp
63-64: 1,750,000 Exp
64-65: 1,750,000 Exp

The Level Cap was increased from 60 to 65 on October 27th, 2014.

[u]Class Rank Requirements [/u]

1-2: 900 CP
2-3: 2,700 CP
3-4: 6,400 CP
4-5: 12,500 CP
5-6: 21,600 CP
6-7: 34,300 CP
7-8: 51,200 CP
8-9: 72,900 CP
9-10: 100,000 CP
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